The start of the 2022-23 school year is just around the corner. District leaders are working hard to ensure students feel safe and connected when they return this fall. To support these efforts and provide valuable insights on the tools and resources that can be used by administrators heading into the new school year, PASS is holding a special webinar on August 1, 2022.


Joining Scott Shapiro, Educational Consultant for PASS, will be Theresa Bartholomew, Director of Educational Programs at the Warrior Run School District in Pennsylvania. Theresa is responsible for a number of items that help the district run smoothly. These include curriculum alignment, district assessment coordinator, professional development, ESL, new teacher induction, and federal programs. She serves as a leadership team member and supervises teachers, K-12.


In the webinar, Using Data Informed Strategies to Ensure a Safe, Welcoming, and Inclusive Start to the 22-23 School Year, Theresa and Scott will discuss how districts and schools can ensure students are welcomed back to an inclusive, safe environment this fall.


They’ll be discussing:

  • How to place student well-being at the forefront of the MTSS process;

  • Beginning of the year, activities that can instill a culture of inclusivity;

  • How to engage students and families to enhance culture and climate;

  • Using data to determine student needs and effectively direct resources; and

  • Which tools and resources are most effective in measuring student engagement, connection, and feelings of safety.

The webinar is free to attend, and registration is open now. Signup and connect with other educational leaders to discuss an important element in the return to school this fall.