The PASS team has been busy over the last year working to create an improved experience based on what PASS users tell us they need. The PASS K-12 student wellbeing universal screener has always helped schools and districts identify non-academic barriers to learning with an easy-to-administer, research-backed student survey. With our latest updates, we worked to make it easier than ever to administer PASS in your school or district and to pull and analyze data and reports to identify key issues that impact students’ academic success and wellbeing. 

We’re excited to announce what’s new in PASS for back-to-school 2023-2024.  

Back-to-School 2023-2024 PASS Updates

We’ve improved how to identify key issues and get PASS’ actionable data in the hands of schools and districts more quickly with the following updates:

  • New post-COVID norms: PASS will release new post-COVID norms in August 2023. As we aim to update our norms regularly, these new norms will reflect the attitudes of students who completed the PASS survey in the United States between August 2021 and November 2022.  Given the timeframe of surveys that these norms are based on, they provide insights and comparisons to attitudes of students who returned to school post-COVID, having experienced the learning impacts resulting from COVID. We plan to publish additional findings based on studies of this new data later in the school year.


  • PASS Over Time Reports: This report now allows stakeholders to compare two separate survey results (for example, fall to spring survey administrations) to see changes in student attitudes. These changes can be due to the time of year or can occur due to interventions. Thus “PASS Over Time” reports help assess the impact of the interventions put in place to support an individual or group of students.


  • Online Training: PASS Post-Testing Essentials is a new on-demand training course designed to build confidence in understanding and using PASS data most effectively with students. It takes about 40 minutes to complete and is available online 24/7 for all PASS districts, schools, and educators.

We’ve made it easier to implement PASS for schools and districts, with a more streamlined administration of student surveys, with the following updates:

  • Clever Rostering and SSO: We are excited to deliver one of our most recently requested features with full Clever Rostering and SSO! While SSO was available for the 2022-2023 school year, PASS now provides secure, automated rostering of students for PASS survey setup and administration through Clever. As class rosters are updated nightly and automatically sync when terms change, this update saves your district or school hours and provides secure, accurate data for students taking PASS surveys.

  • Simple Sign-On: Students can now use their existing student ID or lunch ID to access the PASS survey. This update eliminates the need to print and distribute access codes to share with students, making it more seamless to administer the surveys.

  • Student accessibility updates, including expanded Read-Aloud access: Students in all grades (K-12) can now hear survey questions and responses read to them. This updated feature is helpful to support students at different reading levels, special education students, and ELL students, ensuring the survey is accessible to all students.


We are excited for the new school year and even more excited to show you how these new features can help you bring academic success and wellbeing to your students. Schedule a demo today to get a first-hand look at PASS and these exciting updates.