PASS provides an assessment of student wellbeing and school experiences, supplemented by practical next steps to act on the insights gained. However, administering the PASS universal screener is just the first step of the journey. Our support promise includes training, assessment insights, and customer service. PASS assessments come with a suite of helpful guides designed to get you started and keep benefiting from the data. It’s critical to act on the insights gained, and PASS provides expert support every step of the way.


What’s the Purpose of PASS Data?


PASS helps education leaders understand why some students may lack confidence in their learning or don’t always feel connected with school and their teachers. The PASS approach focuses on three broad areas: connectedness, self-efficacy, and motivation.


Collecting this data is a vital first step, but what schools do with these insights matters most. Educators have a full plate of responsibilities, and we understand that. That’s why PASS customers receive follow-up consultations after PASS has been administered.


Data only gains value through analyses, interpretation, and action. What does the data from PASS screeners mean? Schools have a rare chance to assess the perspective of the student with regard to education and wellbeing. That’s a big deal, but equally important is what is done with these insights.


Tailored pathways for intervention don’t come naturally in the whirlwind of an academic year. That’s why PASS provides support to schools every step of the way, from screening to intervention.


Actionable Reports Paint a Picture


You’ve administered the PASS screener, and now you have data. Great, but what’s next? The PASS Report Workbook can help shine a light on the path that leads to turning student responses into an actionable plan.


First, the whole school or cohort is analyzed. Next, detailed analyses are done for subsets of gender, grade, ethnic group, and any combination of these factors. After that, individual students and particular screener items are looked at under the microscope. See an example of the reporting available here. All of these data subsets and metrics can be tracked over time through repeated screening. If this sounds like a bit of a challenge, don’t sweat it. The PASS support team is with you every step of the way to provide one-on-one data consultations with administrators, counselors, and teachers. Our Educational Consultants will serve as an invaluable resource throughout the journey.


PASS Support provides clear, cohesive, and insightful consultation from experienced educators who know firsthand what it’s like to be in the classroom. Together, we’ll work together to understand the implications of the data, and the interventions that will carry the school towards its goals.


Support Educators With Purpose-Driven Consulting


Research shows that educators desire more support, particularly when new EdTechtools are introduced. A 2016 study found that a top obstacle in the classroom was a lack of appropriate training. Without proper support and intuitively-designed resources, any new tool risks becoming a burden rather than a transformative game-changer.


That’s why the PASS Support Team is always ready to listen, consult, and facilitate. Ready to explore further? Our sample reports and additional resources provide tangible insights into what to expect from PASS implementation, including key features and how to interpret the results. The PASS Intervention Guide provides a research-backed foundation for implementing the best path forward for your students and teachers. Real-world case studies provide real-world examples of how PASS shines a light on school experiences and student well-being.


Our team of support staff is ready to help you bring academic-focused student wellbeing monitoring to your classroom. Get in touch with the PASS team today.