Student wellbeing and positive attitudes towards school have been strongly linked to student learning and community building. It is no wonder a broader initiative is underway to focus efforts on student wellness to improve both student learning and campus culture. As our education institution continues its focus on student wellness, many schools are struggling to find the time and direction for how to best improve.


Effective, Timely Interventions Are Needed Now More Than Ever Before


It is common knowledge that teachers, principals, counselors, and curriculum coordinators are pinched for time. The pandemic and the resulting learning loss have placed even more strains on educators. Between covering classes during off periods and researching scaffolding strategies during planning, educators are struggling to cover all the basics of teaching content, let alone plan and implement preventative intervention. But despite the new pressures and time constraints, we are still striving to meet the emotional needs of our students.


Just like us, students have their own regular pressures and more after the demands of the pandemic. Sadly, early anecdotal evidence from the 2021-22 school year indicates that school violence is more prevalent this year than in previous years, and most fingers are pointing toward the stressors of the pandemic coming to a boiling point.


Imagine what the outcome would be if administrators and educators knew that these students were feeling negatively toward each other or the school. Without a doubt, having an early intervention or knowing student attitudes towards their school, self, and peers could have prevented some of these actions. However, who has the time to pore through data, aggregate data, and come up with an action plan?


The PASS Solution: Actionable Data From Day One


After students take a 20-minute screener, administrators, counselors, and educators get immediate feedback. Unlike some other surveys and screeners, this is available immediately as students submit their responses. PASS generates traffic light reporting immediately, making proactive intervention accessible from day one.

This feedback is reported based on the whole district, campuses, grade levels, individual classes, individual students, as well as other optional demographic data. These types of data aggregation can help at all levels of education, from superintendent decision-making to student performance.


Teachers and counselors can act upon the results the very same day the students take the questionnaire. Not only are the results automatically available, but PASS offers comprehensive resources to guide the next steps based on student responses. Since PASS is administered frequently, you can quickly determine if a student’s attitude has recently changed. In the event that a student is struggling, educators and counselors can take immediate action without having to work around scheduling, meetings, or planning periods.


PASS Provides Student Insights at Resolutions That Matter


For district and school administration, whole district data can give a clearer picture each year and help better allocate funds for both personnel placement and professional development. Looking at campus-level data can help guide opportunities for professional teams to learn from one another.


PASS can be one of the most important tools in your district’s toolbox to improve student wellbeing and campus culture without requiring a large time investment or additional personnel. With a simple 20-minute screener, educators, administrators, and counselors will have the information and suggested follow-up interventions they need. The data is instantly available, color-coded, and can be generated in a multitude of reporting formats. These user-friendly reports make it easier to act upon and reinforce your positive campus culture.


Ready to Learn More?


Our sample reports and additional resources provide tangible insights into what to expect from PASS implementation, including key features and how to interpret the results. Our case studies provide real-world examples of how PASS illuminates school experiences and student wellbeing. We believe in the power of data to enrich the school experience for all students so that tomorrow can be a better day.


Our team of support staff is ready to help you bring actionable wellness monitoring to your classroom. Get in touch with the PASS team today.