PASS offers a unique solution to administrators, teachers, and school leaders, supporting student wellbeing with an objective universal screener. PASS is an online measurement tool that measures how students feel about themselves and school and is designed to uncover hidden factors impacting student success.


That simplicity is key because it makes the tool immediately actionable, providing valuable data for teachers, counselors, principals, and other school and district leaders to better support students. By providing color-coded reporting to identify student attitudes against research-backed benchmarks, PASS helps educators quickly identify challenges and put interventions in place, measuring and adjusting for each student.


What does this look like in action? We recently sat down with school leaders currently using PASS and working with its data. Their feedback shows how effective PASS is throughout schools and districts in supporting student wellbeing.


Special Education Director – Dan Arrison


Dan Arrison is the Assistant Director of Special Education for Garnet Valley School District in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania. He talks about how PASS helps his team better understand how to allocate resources to ensure students are successful learners.


“We want to be sure that our students are as prepared and ready to learn as possible when they leave us. And the data that we’re receiving from PASS helps us leverage the resources that we have available to us.”


Dan’s team strives to provide its students with the best learning experiences and environment. PASS plays a vital role in doing so, identifying barriers to successful learning early and subsequent guidance for any necessary interventions.


Curriculum Coordinator – Danielle Pensack


Danielle Pensack is the Curriculum Coordinator for Dunmore School District in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. She talks in-depth about how the data coming from PASS is immediately actionable and helps identify areas for further support and improvement.


“PASS is a powerful tool that allows administrators and guidance counselors to identify and work with kids who need more help.”


PASS has become an important resource for Pensack and the Dunmore School District because it helps identify how students can be better supported, and the curriculum can be updated to ensure greater success.


School Counselor – Brooke Hickey


Brooke Hickey is the High School Counselor for Riviera Independent School District in Riviera, Texas. She discusses how accessible PASS is and how the low barrier to entry and ease-of-use has impacted her efforts with students.


“I like PASS because it’s very doable. Ultimately, using PASS, we got to see students’ progress.”


The ability to quickly administer PASS, immediately see results, and work with the data to identify students who need additional support has made PASS a vital part of how Hickey works with students in her district.


Student Services – Dr. Gregory Egnor


Dr. Gregory Egnor is the Director of Student Services for Burrell School District in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He discusses how PASS helps him and his team zero in on individual students while also getting a broader understanding of the climate for individual grades or entire schools.


“We have academic universal screening, but we did not have a universal screening tool to support student wellbeing, so PASS fits the bill perfectly for us. Historically, when reviewing data for students, it’s academic data. But we now know that academic performance is influenced by other factors, and PASS helps us evaluate these factors.”


By adding PASS as an additional layer of data capture, Dr. Egnor and his team have been able to evaluate better and understand where students are coming from and what factors are influencing their performance in school.


The Broad Implications of a Universal Screener


Data-driven and designed to be as easy to use as possible, PASS is a valuable resource for educators and school leaders at every level. Providing immediate results drawn from a research-backed psychometric measurement, PASS survey helps establish a standardized measure for nine key areas related to a student’s attitude about school and self.


Learn more about how PASS works here or read more about how PASS has been implemented in schools and districts like yours on our success stories page.