In a recent webinar, Dr. Scott E. Shapiro, educational consultant for PASS, and Krista Leh, Owner, and Director of Resonance Educational Consulting discussed what it takes to successfully integrate student wellbeing screening into an MTSS framework.


Uncovering students’ social and emotional barriers to learning can have an outsized impact. How can student wellbeing screening fit into an effective MTSS and RTI process?


The pair discussed the components of an effective MTSS and RTI process and how to integrate student wellbeing into your strategy. Topics included:

  • The four considerations in integrating student wellbeing into an MTSS and RTI process

  • The capacity to give a universal screener

  • What multi-level interventions look like across three key areas

  • Funding options for implementing student well-being into MTSS and RTI process

The recording is now available to watch for anyone interested in learning more about how student wellbeing can be evaluated and considered in MTSS and RTI processes.