Assessments that monitor student wellbeing serve as a valuable opportunity for educators to assess the internal and external factors that affect student achievement.

Addressing such critical needs can be overwhelming. Where do we start as educators and school leaders? The first step to a successful intervention process is a screening tool. You first have to know what your students need before providing support. In addition to collecting actionable student data using relevant and accessible formats, PASS provides baseline data so that students and cohorts in need are identified and provided support.


In our new guide, The Proactive Factors to Support Student Success and Wellbeing, we explore the three domains and nine factors that can help determine student attitude toward school and self. These nine factors of PASS are the fundamental building blocks for enhancing student overall success and achievement. In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • How factors related to connectedness impact feelings about school, teachers, and attendance.

  • How factors related to self-efficacy impact perceived learning capability, self-regard, preparedness for learning, and confidence in learning.

  • How factors related to motivation impact general work ethic and response to curriculum demands.

Download the guide from our resource library here or directly from this page and learn more about PASS and the power of actionable data.