Social and emotional intervention
for NYC schools

Watch how PASS, a FAMIS and NYSTL-approved resource, is transforming the way NYC schools are approaching SEL and behavior intervention.


PASS can help your New York City school proactively address non-academic barriers to learning, including mental health issues, absenteeism, behavioral challenges, bullying, disengagement, and poor student/teacher relationships.

Screen for risk of social and emotional barriers to learning or mental health challenges well before chronic issues develop or advance

Analyze social and emotional barriers to learning at the individual student level, or by school, grade, or custom demographic group

Support your teachers with professional development and research-backed tools to implement proactive daily classroom intervention


FAMIS Item Numbers:
Student Assessment (800378156)
Teacher Interventions (800378164)

We're in your neighborhood!

PASS is a product of Boardworks Education, which has partnerships with over 450 New York City schools. We would be happy to send a team member to your schools to talk through the benefits of PASS!

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