A Practical Approach to Intervention

Leverage PASS data to proactively address barriers to learning for individuals and groups.

Identify and Act on the Need for Intervention

Proactively Address Barriers to Success

PASS provides practical support for addressing identified issues and supporting student wellbeing.

Inform MTSS Plans and Assess Existing Programs

Use PASS data to inform your school’s MTSS plan and assess the effectiveness of existing SEL programs.

A Data-Based Approach to Proactive Intervention

The PASS Online Intervention Guide offers more than 130 unique interventions linked to the nine factors against which PASS measures. Help students develop the non-academic skills needed to succeed.

Learn How to Leverage the PASS Intervention Guide in Your School
When used effectively, your PASS data and corresponding interventions will help you enact changes that truly improve students’ well-being and achievement, both in school and life.
PASS In Action
Dr. Gregory Egnor, Burrell School District discusses how PASS has impacted his schools.
Learn How PASS Can Transform Your Intervention Programs
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