Identify and Support Reluctant Learners

Support every child’s wellbeing with an easy-to-administer survey.

Accessible Assessment to Support Student Wellbeing

A Research-Backed Psychometric Measure

Using nine key factors, schools drill down to the root causes of why a student may be underachieving or feeling disengaged.

Administer Digitally in Less than 20 Minutes

The PASS survey can be completed quickly on any device and in 26 languages.

Collect and Share Results Immediately

Immediate insights enable stakeholders to proactively implement interventions that support students.

Standardized for Use in K-12 Schools

PASS has been tailored and standardized for use in K-12 schools, supporting existing efforts.

The Nine PASS Factors  PASS Provides a Standardized Measure for:

Feeling about school

Measure a student’s feelings of inclusion in, or alienation from, the school community.

Perceived learning capability

Open up new opportunities to foster a sincere learning mindset in students of all grade levels.


Assess student self-regard as it relates to academic success to identify barriers to learning.

Preparedness for learning

Measure how effective a learner feels with regard to their self-regulation and learning skills.

Attitudes to teachers

Open up new opportunities to foster a sincere learning mindset in students of all grade levels.

General work ethic

Help teachers monitor and inspire students’ motivation to succeed in school and life.

Confidence in learning

Measure a student’s ability to persevere when faced with an academic challenge.

Attitudes to attendance

Identify if motivation is lacking, or there are other factors at play influencing attendance.

Response to curriculum

Gain insights into how the school experience can work to challenge all students without shutting them down

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