Proactively identify and address
social & emotional barriers to learning



The online assessment and intervention tool used to serve over 2 million students

Schools who prioritize student well-being notice improved academic performance, reduced absenteeism, increased graduation rates, fewer disciplinary actions, and most importantly, happier students.

Identify SEL barriers


The nine attitudinal factors measured with PASS are proven to be significantly linked to academic goals

Generate multi-level reports


Analyze a snapshot of attitudes at a district, school, cohort, or individual level, or by demographic attributes

Intervene proactively


Screen for risk of social and emotional barriers to learning or mental health challenges and coordinate interventions before chronic issues advance

"PASS allows us to get in early to sort out any problems before students begin to underachieve, and to be proactive to try to prevent problems from happening rather than dealing with the consequences later." 

-Principal, Ashland Schools

PASS attitudinal assessment

Administered digitally in just 15 minutes

Available in 20 languages

Tailored and standardized for K-12

Results immediately available for individual, cohort, and school


Using PASS data & reports


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  • PASS automatically generates multi-level reports for district superintendents, school principals, and guidance counselors, standardized and benchmarked across K-12.

  • Reports provide insights into nine factors, so schools can clearly identify reasons for disengagement, future risk of chronic absenteeism, and potential barriers to learning.

  • Schools can analyze results on an individual or cohort level to find where support may be required and track the impact of interventions over time.

  • PASS data allows schools to start the conversation that will ultimately improve student confidence, behavior, attendance, and achievement, as aligned to ESSA's non-academic standards.

"By using [...] early indicator data, it is possible to identify when students are beginning to fall off track, providing time to intervene and alter their trajectory through school and beyond."

-Dr. Robert Balfanz, Johns Hopkins University

Proactive intervention

US PASS Cycle (1).png

Equipped with PASS data, schools have the power to proactively address social and emotional barriers to learning at both a school-wide and individual level. The insights provided by the PASS data can be used to inform a school's SEL plan and assess the effectiveness of a school’s existing SEL programs.

The PASS Online Intervention Guide offers over 100 unique interventions directly linked to the nine PASS factors. The research-backed strategies empower administrators and teachers to help students develop the non-academic skills they need to succeed in school, work, and life.


"Schools are now exploring how they can create an ethos and culture that support wellbeing in their students to support the prevention of mental health issues developing. This is where PASS becomes invaluable."

-Nicola Lambros, Vice Principal


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